An Advance Purchase

Burial or ashes plots may be purchased at any time for future use, which, happily, may well be many years hence. It may be part of the process of making a will or taking out a funeral plan.

As we have no direct involvement with either Funeral Plans or Wills, we would advise you consult your chosen solicitor and funeral director, respectively. Deeds are issued for all plots and instructions as to final arrangements can be kept on record. Experience suggests that making final provisions in advance can relieve the family and loved ones of a considerable burden which, sadly, typically occurs at a time of grief and stress.

Following a Bereavement

Where there has been a recent bereavement staff are always on hand at the Woodland Lodge during normal opening hours. We are available for guidance around the grounds, assistance in choosing a plot and for any other help or advice you may need. For the convenience of new visitors it would be advisable to telephone ahead so as to avoid times when a service may be in progress.