For Ashes

There is a choice of three locations: Cherry Tree Garden, Hawthorn Hedge and Lime Tree Walk.

Although an ashes interment is somewhat less formal, the main funeral having already occurred, it signifies the final laying to rest and is therefore treated with the same high level of respect and dignity. We are happy to provide a service in accordance with the family’s wishes and a member of staff will always be available to assist at an ashes interment. Some families request that we conduct the lowering of the casket or the reading of a verse or prayer, whilst other families request the interment be entirely private to the family. We will always try and meet your individual needs.

For Full Burials

There are five gardens : Barley Wood, Drywood, Grass Henge, Kestrel Wood and Red Oak Wood.

Arrangements are usually made via a Funeral Director who will help determine whether the family holds an existing plot or if a new one needs to be chosen. We will normally assist a familiy in choosing a new plot, but if this is too distressing then we can choose a plot on your behalf.

For Babies (of eighteen months or less)

Willow Garden is set aside for babies and infants. Arrangements are usually via a Funeral Director for a service with the attendance of a minister or officiant. The interment can be a coffin burial or for an ashes casket.